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GSG Probe: A Sharp Tool for High Frequency Testing

"High precision measurement sharp tool: GSG probe". GSG probe is simple in structure and easy to use. It can be used for accurate measurement in high-frequency range such as microwave circuit and RF circuit. It is an important tool in radio communication, satellite navigation, radar, chip testing and Microwave transmission. The structural design of its ground wire, center pin, and shield ensures good signal isolation and accuracy, making it an essential tool in electronic testing and measurement.


What are the characteristics of the RF switch matrix?

RF Switch System is a multi port, multi-channel RF microwave switch system that consists of multiple RF and microwave switches combined to form a switch matrix system. It is widely used in microwave testing systems for signal gating between the DUT and the instrument. It can select multiple channels of a single DUT or RF microwave signals from multiple DUTs to the instrument. This allows multiple tests to be executed under the same settings without the need for frequent connections and disconnections. The entire testing process can be automated, thereby improving testing efficiency and shortening testing time.


Share a knowledge point about the RF switch matrix

The RF switch matrix is a device used for RF signal selection and routing, which can simultaneously control the connections between multiple inputs and outputs. Here are some knowledge points about the RF switch matrix:


What are the application scenarios of RF switch matrix?

Rf matrix switch is a device used to connect and switch multiple RF signals. It consists of multiple single-channel RF switches and can be controlled automatically and remotely by a controller. Rf matrix switches usually have high isolation, low insertion loss and fast switching speed, and are suitable for switching and connecting applications of various RF signals.


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