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Company Profile


Kunshan dloorplf Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. Since its establishment, it has been committed to technologies and projects in the field of millimeter wave signal transmission. It is a rare service provider in China that can independently complete simulation, parts design, processing, process design, assembly, commissioning, testing, and service in the factory.

First. Advanced macro millimeter wave technology. In terms of millimeter-wave solutions with tiny pitches, it has successfully solved a series of products that are stuck in foreign countries/inconvenient services, and is in an advanced position in China.

1. Completely solve the signal integrity, stability and reliability of 0.4mm pitch/67GHz chip signal array test.

2. B2B probe, 0.35mm pitch 43.5Ghz millimeter wave needle, solution provider.

3. An earlier manufacturer of semiconductor test probes in the entire industry chain in China. Frequency 40-110GHz, type GSG, GS, SG, GSSG, GSGSG, etc., the spacing of 50um to 1000um can be completely covered. The machining accuracy reaches +-1um.

Second. Powerful high-frequency/high-speed system integration services.

Due to its accumulation in millimeter wave technology, it can design the corresponding signal connection according to the system requirements, and can completely customize it according to the system requirements. It has SOFTWARE&FIRMWARE software department, automation design department, high-frequency PCB board design & simulation department, RF debugging & testing department. Can design industrial control software/MES system software. Completion of complex mechanical systems, high-frequency signal integrity and other one-stop services.

Third. Abundant high-frequency connectors & cables, powerful customized services. With more than 600 categories of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies and design solutions.

1. Multi-channel (multi-core), with a relatively high market share in the same industry in China. 20-67GHz frequency, cable spacing from 0.5mm to 5mm, installation from soldering to solderless.

2. Single channel (single core), 10G-110GHz frequency, large coaxial SMA/2.92mm/2.4mm/1.85mm/1.0mm, vertical/horizontal/45° installation full series of cable assemblies and connectors are available. Small coaxial GPO/GPPO/G2PO/G3PO, surface mount/vertical/horizontal mount full range of cable assemblies and connectors are available.

3. Test devices such as 40-110GHz adapter/load/DC blocker/power divider.

The company has introduced the ERP system since its inception, and has a complete system and team, including quality system, personnel system, production management and operation system, research and development system, marketing system, and financial system, all of which have been introduced into electronic flow control. Customer service is managed and controlled systematically to optimize speed, quality and cost.

Dloorplf, on the road of millimeter wave product development, will keep moving forward and firmly.