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Product-based, customer-centric,
Based on service. To provide services to customers, in order to save customer costs.

01 Customized service


According to the personalized application of different customers, cooperate with customers to provide high-quality millimeter wave customized technical services, and rely on reliable technical research and development strength to shorten the customer development cycle.

02 Technical Support


1. High frequency S-parameter test (support 67GHz differential)
2. SI simulation analysis (structure, PCB, waveguide, etc.)
3. Software writing; (C++; Labview)
4. Firmware writing: (C ; Python; )
5. High precision (0.1um)
6. Structural Design (2D; 3D)
7. RF debugging

03 One-stop service


1. Communication industry: custom cabinets--test fixtures--MCB/HCB--RF cable assemblies--RF connectors--test accessories (DC-Block, power divider)-ATM software
2. Millimeter wave system integration: RF simulation-RF test-automatic machine-PCBA-self-made control-control software-customized connector
3. Semiconductor: RF probe--RF Socket--RF probe card (planning)

04 Quick response


1. RF components:
Standard product: 72 hours Customized product: 21 days
2. RF IC Socket :
Sample: 5 weeks Mass production: 2 weeks
3. IC test probe:
Sample: 3 weeks Mass production: 1 week
4. Millimeter wave system:
Delivery: 6 weeks