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Integrated Rf Switch Matrix System (up To 144 Channels)


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Integrated Rf Switch Matrix System (up To 144 Channels)


Matrix Switch Testing System

  • Details

     64-channel vector switch matrix system
     Frequency: 26.5GHz
     420x598x220mm, height 5U
     11.6-inch touch screen display, support external display
     Customized automated testing software platform, which can increase or decrease functions and connect third-party software according to customer requirements
     Support test data and chart storage and export to CSV, PDF and other formats
    Features of Depford RF switch matrix system:
     One-piece design. The control system, computer, and display are perfectly integrated, with high reliability and small space.
     High-frequency signal integrated output, convenient and quick.
     The software is compatible with a variety of instruments, commonly used instrument brands are Keysight, R&S, and Cyear.
     The software visual interface no longer uses the traditional drop-down menu
     Supporting multi-channel test board can completely save the trouble of disassembly and assembly
     Various channels and frequencies are available. Up to 144 channels, frequency 26.5GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 67GHz, 500

    Thousands of lifespans.
     Provide MES system docking program and MES system program development
     Test software provides one-key de-embedding and standard product specification built-in functions
     Test data and charts are saved in CSV, PDF and other formats